Uncommon Sales Success by Automating Your Sales Process

Does it often seem like you are repeating the same tasks over and over again? How much time does it take to write and respond to emails and other questions that you have heard many, many times? How do really successful people seem to get so much done while others seem to be constantly behind the proverbial eight ball?


A lot of uncommon sales success has to do with efficient use of technology and automation. Knowing how to use some valuable tools to simplify the processes that are often repeated can help things stay simple while using time productively. Coach Will shows how his system automates many processes that make life easier for him as well as his clients.


ChecklistOne example is a checklist for all of the information that will be required to get a loan approved and prepare for the closing. By spelling everything out in one document it ensures that the client will not forget anything and will not have to scramble at the last minute for items that were overlooked. Instead of explaining the procedure in person over and over again, the document does the job more thoroughly and in a more predictable way than simply telling the client something over the phone. It places the burden on the client by making the requirements very clear.


Another area where automation can help tremendously is in answering questions or responding to emails in an efficient manner. Coach Will suggests using the signatures feature of your email program to make this process efficient. Templates for commonly used emails can be stored as a signature so all you have to do is click a couple of keys, type in the name, and make any slight adjustments to personalize it. Signatures can also be used to store common phrases that are included in correspondence. Not only is this much quicker than retyping everything, it helps to make sure that your verbiage is as clear and polished as possible with no spelling or grammatical errors.


As Coach Will demonstrates, success has as much to do with establishing a consistent, logical and efficient process as it does with being a charismatic individual or a persuasive sales person. When you are consistent in delivering information in a timely and effective manner people develop trust in your ability to provide excellent service. They have confidence in recommending you to your friends and your life is able to handle increasing business without creating unnecessary strain on you to continually be in a crisis mode.

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