Time Utilization for Sales Professionals- Meet for Coffee, Not Lunch

One of theClocks things that distinguishes the high achieving sales professional from the low achiever is how they utilize their time. The high achiever in every field, and especially in the mortgage field, is highly disciplined with their time. They take the time to plan their week in advance and schedule their day. This is common practice among almost all sales professionals. However, many find that they are very productive in the morning yet often find the rest of their day sliding by with very little to show for it.


One of the key culprits in this syndrome is the practice of having a business lunch. It may seem like a great idea and good use of time to combine a necessity like eating lunch with an opportunity to develop a relationship with a potential or current client. However, let’s look a little closer at what often happens during that lunch. First, it is difficult to find a restaurant that is close enough to not waste a lot of time driving, that also has a menu that can accommodate all tastes (and budgets!) while providing enough privacy to hold a meaningful discussion.


Even if the ideal location is found, the lunch will inevitably take two hours out of your day, while often leaving you a little groggy for the next few hours, especially if any form of alcohol is part of the equation. The conversation itself is almost always interrupted by ordering, and eating, so often the real purpose of the meeting goes unmet, yet the time has been spent.


Why not schedule only coffee meetings instead of lunches? Coffee houses are usually more conducive to conversation, and a full meeting can be easily concluded in 30 to 40 minutes. You don’t have the interruptions of eating, yet even non-coffee drinkers can find something they like to drink or snack on. Keep your lunch to a simple, fast, healthy meal that you bring from home or eat at the office. Instead of spending two hours with one client you can conceivably schedule 3 or 4 coffee meetings in the same time and often with less expense. Just think what will happen to your bottom line if you triple or even quadruple the number of clients you establish relationships with each day.

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