The Trap of Sales Success- Spinning Too Many Plates

Ask any sales person what the worst nightmare they can imagine is and it will invariably be not having enough work. Yet, perhaps the next biggest nightmare is to have so much work that you can’t possibly fulfill the needs of everyone. When you start to become successful yet don’t have the systems and the team in place to handle the growth of new customers, what is often the result? You find yourself in the position of the juggler in a circus who is spinning a large number of plates all at the same time. Do you feel like you are constantly rushing from one plate (client) to the next, getting there just in time to spin the one that is about to fall? The thought of adding one more plate means there is no way you can keep up.


What is the nearly inevitable result of such ‘sales success’? You often end up dropping a number of plates. Customers are no longer satisfied by your service, and in fact tell their friends (and potential new clients) that you aren’t able to follow through with your promises. You end up feeling bad about the quality of service you are offering, as you simply don’t have time to handle the needs of all of your customers. If you try to keep it up too long, you ultimately end up ruining your health and having no personal life, even isolating yourself from your family and others whom you love. Does this kind of lifestyle sound familiar to you?


Coach Will identifies this type of salesperson as one who invariably has one good month and one bad month. They are so busy trying to keep up with the business that they have no time to prospect for new business. Thus, they end up with no business the following month before starting the cycle all over again. What does coach Will teach is the remedy for this syndrome that will lead to consistently uncommon sales success?


It starts with having a very clear focus on your ultimate purpose in life. If you claim your family is most important then see if the time you spend with them actually supports that claim. If your purpose is to have a positive impact on as many people as possible, you simply cannot try to be everything for everyone.


The next step is to clearly identify your primary strengths and how you most contribute to your business and the lives of others. Look at all of your daily activities and determine which of them provide the most value to others and are responsible for bringing in most of the money. Most people find that they spend only about 20% of their time doing these high value activities while about 80% of their time is spent on other details. According to Coach Will, the key is to create a team that you can train to do the 80% follow-up tasks to keep things running smoothly while you focus on the high value tasks that you are uniquely qualified to do. Once you have a team to keep all of the plates spinning smoothly then you can focus on doing what you do best, acquiring more plates, more clients, that will enable your income to consistently increase while providing you with the freedom to do more of the things are truly fulfilling to you.


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