The Importance of a Name to Sales Success

REMEMBER-NAME-PHOTORemembering names is key when it comes to the business world. Have you ever met someone and been unable to remember their name just hours later? It can be problematic, especially for a loan officer, where business can be dependent on referrals and building relationships.

And names are just the tip of the iceberg! Building quality client relationships involves getting to know who they are, not just what they want. Knowing what unique needs they may have better prepare you to help them.

Tips to Building Rapport with Clients

Building relationships with clients are foundational to building your business. Something as simple as remembering someone’s name communicates that you know that they are important and want them to know that you know that. It isn’t something that comes naturally to everyone, but developing personal strategies that work for you is necessary to maximize your efficiency and better your business.

– Know your individual communication style. Your preferred methods of communication may not be the same as your potential client, so it is necessary to not only know your own style, but get an idea of your client’s. Are they visually minded? Are they analytical? Do they think big picture or focus on details?

– When you get a name, use strategies that work for you to recall it later. Concentrate greeting someone by name can immediately set them at ease. Not everyone is naturally good at remembering names, so figure out something that works for you!

-Create an office environment that prompts communication. Eliminate any feelings of generic or sterile environments. Use props like personal photos or magazines to spark a conversation to learn more about your customer.

– Ask questions, and not just about business. Ask about their interests, their families, their hopes for the future. Learn what they like and what is important to them. It will give you a better idea of how to meet their needs from a business perspective.

– Bond with them! Relate about shared interests – if you have kids, share stories. If you have something in common, you’ll be able to not only set them at ease, but build a solid foundation for a future client relationship.

– If necessary, take notes after the meeting. Recap different things you discussed in a concise way where you can recall those things during a later interaction. Feel free to be specific in your notes – remembering a minor detail can go a long way in building a relationship with someone.

Coach Will-Chapter 7Author and Sales expert, Todd Gehrke, offers several unique ways to remember people’s name in his new book Coach Will. In Chapter 7, he explains a technique ” NIBOTEC” : Name, Inquire, Bond, Offer, Touch, Echo, and Communicate.

The notes page  on the left gives you more information about the use of NIBOTEC.  This easy to remember acronym can help you create instant rapport with people.  Everyone loves to be remembered!

“It isn’t the guy who knows the most that’s important; it’s the guy that does the most with what he knows,” – Todd Gehrke, Coach Will- A Story of Achieving Uncommon Sales Success.

To learn more about this and other skills to improve your business relationships, check out Coach Will. The book is filled with many tools and organization tips that have helped Todd Gehrke become an uncommon sales success expert.


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