Sue Woodard
Rod Smith
RJ Crosby
I have been in sales for 20 years and have read many personal development and sales books. Coach Will employs fresh approach that teaches valuable techniques and strategies that can be applied across all industries. This book has now been added to my short-listed repertoire of resources.
A great "Soup to Nuts" story of the ups and downs, roller coaster ride to achieving sales success. Although, the story-line is related to the mortgage lending industry...the lessons within, are applicable for any sales career. The manner in which the author speaks to all sales people, provides a unique quality to this book. If you are the one struggling to reach the next level and need to get back to the basic fundamentals, this book is a tremendous road-map. Likewise, if you happen to be at the pinnacle of your sales game, you will find insightful tools and strategies to achieve even greater success. Reading this book will be a wise investment in your future.
When I read this book it reminded me of the first time I read The Fred Factor. Todd Gehrke uses characters and relatable life situations to inspire and present methods to becoming more sucessful in your life and business. Though it is written from the point of view in the mortgage industry, its lessons are easily transferable to any business where you deal with sales or service. The importance of having (or being) a mentor and plan of action is presented with ease and the end of chapter notes are great to reference when implementing his strategies. This is a book I will reread and use a reference guide.
Fantastic sales tips and strategies for people new to sales as well as those that have been selling for years. If you focus in on the steps Coach WIll talks about you can't help but see an increase in your sales! I highly recommend this book to sales people and sales managers in any industry. Very valuable information presented in an easy to read format.
I thoroughly enjoyed Todd Gehrke's book "Coach Will: A Story of Uncommon Sales Success." It is a compelling story of picking oneself up off the ground and grabbing on to determination to make one's life work. The book is also filled with many suggestions on how to get yourself moving and motivated. I recommend the book to anyone in any field.
What a great book! Coach Will reminds us that we have the power to control our own destiny and not just wait for things to happen. This book goes beyond the sales process and ventures into everyday relationship management which is so valuable. I highly recommend this book for any business professional who is looking to enhance their overall people interaction skills. In addition, the book provides great insights to personal development that is valuable in everyday life.
This book inspired me. I am a Real Estate Agent and it hit close to home.
The story is engaging and makes you stop and think about what is really important in life. It made me re-examine my own values.
I also loved the main characters notes "Michael's notes" because they are a call to Action! It drives home the fact that you have to have good systems in place!
Whether you are a seasoned sales veteran, new to your profession or just need some motivation -you will take away a lot from this book. Loved it!
Like everyone else I have read a lot of sales books in my time. Most are written by folks who would rather write books and teach others than do deals themsleves. That results in a bunch of theory and very little useable information that can impact a sales person's bottom line. This book is full of real world suggestions that any sales person can use now to build their business. Gehrke presents a series of real world approaches that can be applied now and clearly demonstrate why Todd has enjoys considerable success even today as an originator and manager. If you are a mortgage originator this is an easy read that is worth the effort for sure.
When author Todd Gehrke first approached me with this book, I honestly did not see the value it had for a guy like me. I know nothing about sales and didn't think this book would pertain to me simply because I am not in this line of work...not even a little. However I agreed to read it to show my support, and wow am I glad that I did. This book is not just for individuals involved in sales, although it is predominately directed at them, no this book is much more than that. Once I picked it up I could not put it down. The story of Michael, a down-on-his-luck yet engaging protagonist and his journey from zero to hero is truly inspiring. Not only does Mr. Gehrke engage the reader with an extremely relatable leading man, he incorporates different characters throughout the story who all serve a very important purpose in the development of the plot. Mr. Gehrke uses each character in a specific way to truly drive his point across. And what is that point? To be successful! The values and strategies in this book pertain to everybody who may be looking for inspiration, not just those involved in sales. Once I picked it up, I could not put it down, and I'm sure the same will happen to you. Mr. Gehrke is a talented writer and his book "Coach Will" is sure to have a positive impact on your life. Enjoy it! I know I did.
The story outlined in Coach Will is engaging and hits you at a core level that is at once relatable and inspirational. This book has principles and advice that can be applied in any industry. So many of us can relate to feeling overwhelmed by life and economic circumstances. Reading about Michael's paradigm shift to a new way of thinking is uplifting and thought provoking. I've already recommended it to several colleagues as a must read!
Coach Will is a must read for anyone interested in achieving uncommon success in both their career and personal life. It's an incredibly fresh take on timeless success principles, and is a journey I highly encourage anyone to take. I have studied personal development and the laws of success for the better part of my adult life, and nothing I have encountered has handled the subject matter quite like Coach Will.

Most personal development books are written like user manuals - not Coach Will. This is a story told from the perspective of a very likable (and very relatable) sales professional by the name of Michael. Readers experience the full range of human emotion as they literally experience Michael's journey of redemption first hand. More importantly, though, is the fact that while Michael's story unfolds, readers are presented with practical wisdom they can implement in their own lives. It's just an incredibly well-written and inspiring story overall.

Whether you're a student of personal development, a sports fan, or a fan of underdog stories in general - you owe it to yourself to read Coach Will. I cannot recommend this book highly enough.
Having been in sales for a number of years now, I’ve become familiar with the expression “it worked so well, I stopped doing it.” Many sales professionals experience stretches of success or hot streaks followed by lulls, but only the best maintain that success consistently throughout their careers. What Coach Will reminds us of is the fact that preparation, a focus on the details and never cutting corners are integral to the long term success of anyone who sells for a living. Many resources discuss how important these things are and stop there. However, in this book, not only does Todd discuss these ideas, but he delivers tangible tools to help salespeople systematically integrate them into their business. Truly a must read for any sales professional.
I thoroughly enjoyed this book. What I liked most was its simplicity – too often Loan Officers, and really all sales people, get caught up in all the “shiny bright objects” or the next “big thing”. This book does an excellent job breaking it down to the few simple things that make a huge difference.
I will be sharing this with my entire sales team.
There are so many strategies that you can easily implement today that WILL make you more successful. It will benefit your business and your personal relationships. The best part is that you will see yourself in this easy to read, entertaining story.