Todd Gehrke Tells a Story of how to turn around a bad day

Todd Gehrke, Author of Coach Will, tells a story of two brothers driving through the rural Midwest when the driver realizes he missed a turn and they were several miles off course. He was very upset and began yelling and cursing himself for making such a mistake. His brother turns to him and simply says […]

Putting myself out there

I never really knew what it meant to “put yourself out there” before.  I have had a pretty good lesson in it recently. It has not been a fun experience I must admit, and the reason it has happened has been a result of significant unpleasantness.  But the result will be a good thing. Here’s […]

My Perfect Day

I was trying to find this during a meeting I was in to share it with a small group on my phone but couldn’t.  After I found it I emailed it to them. Then I thought I would share this in a post here.  I mentioned in the meeting I was in that I have had […]


I had a great conversation last night with a fellow loan officer that was asking about Coach Will.  He asked, “Does Coach Will REALLY study etymology to remember names? I could never do that.” The short answer is… No.  Not exactly.  The point is to make sure you are intentional and give yourself all the […]

“Everyone’s life is scripted, if you aren’t writing your life’s script, you are letting anyone else.”

This is a much bigger topic than just something as simple as a list of scripts for success in business.  It is life.  It is living with purpose and direction.  (see OWN your Day post   In 2013 I decided to intentionally solicit business from listing agents during and after a transaction.  If you […]

Uncommon Sales Success by Automating Your Sales Process

Does it often seem like you are repeating the same tasks over and over again? How much time does it take to write and respond to emails and other questions that you have heard many, many times? How do really successful people seem to get so much done while others seem to be constantly behind […]

Desire For Perfection Is What Keeps Many People From Sales Success

Are you one of those people who finds that sales success eludes you? Perhaps it is because you spend too much of your time trying to be perfect. Many people obsess so much over each flyer, each form and each piece of paper they submit that they have no time left for doing the really […]