Sales Success- ‘Mise en Place’- Having Everything in Place and Organized

When you go to a restaurant, have you ever visited to kitchen and observed the organization that exists that allows them to get the orders out efficiently no matter how busy they might be? The key is the French term ‘Mise en Place’. It means to have all the ingredients prepared and ready to go before you begin cooking. Think about almost every cookbook. They always list the ingredients first, before starting the preparation instructions. That is a hint that you should make sure you have all the ingredients required before ever starting the meal. A wise chef is one who sets out all of the ingredients before taking the first step in actually preparing the dish.

OrganizedDeskEFf_crop380wThis same degree of preparation is essential for any sales person to have uncommon sales success. What are some of those ingredients to sales success? A good sales person has sales scripts already prepared, including an entire list of answers to potential questions or objections. They have their sales presentation in a form that is readily accessible without having to modify it each time, or to make the modifications simple. The sales person plans their day in advance and usually has a set routine in the morning that makes getting off to a great start a common affair, not a haphazard rush to get going. Even something as simple as laying out the clothes to wear the next day can make the start of the day smoother and less anxiety inducing.

When you have files organized and systems in place for every aspect of your business, then your focus can be in doing what really counts, creating the relationships that will create business for you. Being organized and having things in place before you are on the firing line will help you be more professional and more relaxed than if you are seemingly flying by the seat of your pants.

Coach Will suggests that a great way to test your structure is to write down for a few days in a row your complete list of activities you do at the beginning of the day, starting with what you do when the alarm clock rings. (Do you jump out of bed with enthusiasm or do you more likely hit the snooze button). When you analyze your morning routine can you see areas that you waste time by not having things in place ahead of time? What are some time saving ideas you can come up with to help make your mornings smoother and less stressful? Are there some tasks that you can automate so you only have to do them once but they are always ready for you to use when needed?

When you think about your business and your life in terms of your degree of preparation and organization you can begin to function as effectively as the restaurant chef to whom the term ‘Mise en Place’ is a way of life.

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