Sales Success from Discovering your Life Purpose

I believe that all people share the same purpose at a core level- they want to help each other and make the world a better place. That said, I’m going to make a bold statement- all sales positions are service positions. Do you agree with that statement? If so, please read on.

To be in integrity and alignment with yourself, you need to spend some time thinking about your life purpose. As a professional sales person,  you have been trained to know the features and benefits of the products or services that you sell. But have you looked at why you like to sell?

Most sales people are not in their occupation just for the money. Sure, sales people usually are the highest paid employees in any organization, but money isn’t the real prize. The real prize is being of benefit to others and enriching their lives.

Do you know why you are in a service position right now? Do you know what is the special gift that you have that supports others on their life journey? Maybe it’s the pleasure of being a great networker, so projects can get completed quickly and easily. Or it could be for the love helping a family get situated in a new home filled with amazing possibilities for their future. Or maybe it is some other reason that delights you.

header-brad-bird-on-the-incredibles-2-and-turning-down-star-warsIn Chapter 23 of Coach Will, Michael has a discussion about the movie The Incredibles. This movie demonstrates what happens when you aren’t living your life purpose. The hero’s journey is to understand and embrace your reason for being and to live it fully. Everyone around you will support you to do so once you choose your path.

In that conversation, Michael learns that everyone has a purpose in life that drives them. When they are living their purpose, they are confident and excited. They see their life through different “lens”- one of acceptance and importance with others. Michael is guided to look at his life and go through the discovery process to find the true meaning of his life and how he can be an authentic expression.

In this time of frantic busyness, the most productive thing you can do for your wellbeing is to give yourself the gift of time to reflect on your life. Journey inside yourself and discover what is your gift that motivates you to be in this world. You may find that this more holistic perspective will change everything in your world because you will see your life as a creator, not as a victim to situations. The key to knowing what is your life purpose is to uncovering what gives you energy and delights you.

Life achievement and sales success will flow easily when you are in alignment with your core values. This is the journey worth taking.

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