OWN Your Day to Live An Outcome Based Life- Sales Success Lessons

Most people think they are being efficient when they are able to check off items from a daily task list. Although it may be somewhat satisfying to check off a list, most people fail to prioritize the list to make sure they are engaging in the most important activities that will lead to true happiness and prosperity.

CoachWillBookCoach Will has a system that will help lead to uncommon sales success or success in any career for that matter. It is called OWN. O = Outcome, W = Why, N = Now. The first step is to get very clear about the things that are most important in your life. List your values and the things that are most important to you, such as family, financial security, hobbies, community involvement, spiritual life, or whatever you feel are the keys to your life being successful. Next write out your daily activities for a couple of days. The next step is the key. Highlight in one color (yellow) the activities that brought you closer to each of these goals. Next highlight in green the activities that made you better at the yellow highlighted items.

These activities are the ones you want to focus on and not the others that are not highlighted. By focusing on these you are ensuring that your actions are actually leading you toward your ultimate goals, not just taking up your time in non-essential activities. Perhaps many of the non-highlighted tasks can be delegated to an assistant or can be automated by technology in some way.

Then on a daily basis focus on the Outcomes you want to achieve and continually ask yourself Why it is so important to you. With this clarity it becomes easy to decide which tasks to do Now. In this way you can overcome procrastination and make certain that you are committed to making the most important activities your priorities. This leads to an outcome based life that creates long-lasting and satisfying success that encompasses all aspects of your life.

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