My Perfect Day

I was trying to find this during a meeting I was in to share it with a small group on my phone but couldn’t.  After I found it I emailed it to them. Then I thought I would share this in a post here.  I mentioned in the meeting I was in that I have had some pretty tough sledding recently, and feel pretty far from this at the moment, but it is my ultimate goal.  Yes, it is 2am, part of my perfect day is restful rejuvenating sleep. That would be nice! I just decided tonight that when I wake up and cannot sleep I will try and share thoughts and post them here.  No one may ever read it, but it is a part of putting myself out there.
I encourage you to spend some time with yourself thinking about this.  Play a What if game with yourself and describe the answer the question What if I could have it all? I have a few good techniques to help you if you struggle with identifying your purpose in life too.  And remind me to share a piece I wrote in 2005.  I don’t want the email to get too lengthy, it can wait for another day.
I realized as I shared it I have never shared it before.  I am not sure why.  Feel free to pass it along to anyone actually.  May we all live our perfect day…
Todd’s Perfect Day
I wake up feeling awake and a live full of energy. No alarm clock.  I put on my running clothes and head downstairs where my dogs are ready to go for their morning run.  The morning air is crisp and cool and we run effortlessly taking in the beauty of the world.  I am grateful and blessed.  My family is healthy, happy and successful.  We are very close and enjoy each other. We live in a country of abundance and security, with no threats of violence or illness. My run is a gift.  I am lean and muscular and strong. I return home feeling better than when I left, my body awake strong and vibrant.  Ashley is now up.  We get ready together discussing our day with anticipation, it is all good things, we are happy.  We eat breakfast together as a family.  The breakfast selection is generous, fresh fruit, eggs, meats, vegetables.  We never forget how blessed we are.  I walk the girls to school spending as much time with them as I can, they know how important they are to me.
I go to work excited.  People are excited to see me because I can help them.  I am excited to be there because I am living my true purpose in life, to help others and help the world be a better place.  The time of day flies by and is very productive.  I am thanked for my help and feel blessed.  My work is challenging yet effortless at the same time.  It is fulfilling. I grow every day and provide value to others.
After work I reunite with my family.  We are genuinely interested in each other’s activities.  At dinner we share what the best part of our day was and discuss how we grew and what we did to contribute to the world.  Dinner is like breakfast—bountiful.  We spend the rest of the evening engaged with each other. Interacting.
When it is time to go to sleep I fall asleep effortlessly.  It is a deep and restful sleep that rejuvenates me.

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