Loan Originator Tools-Make True Connection over Coffee for Sales Success

When new loan originators start out in business, many times they have to courageously cold call realtors to network and coffeeshopdevelop working relationships. This can be awkward and expensive in time and money. Many new mortgage loan officers will take these potential people to lunch to create a solid relationship.

The first part of the lunch meeting usually is a “this- is- who- I- am- and- how- you- can- help- me”  conversation.  If there is a connection then you both give each other marketing materials and promise to use each others services when the opportunity arises.  And this is the problem- unless you have an opportunity to work together right away, they may never call you.

Sometimes these lunches create the start of a wonderful working relationship- especially if you both have the time to nurture the friendship. But many times, it can be a big time investment without much return.

Instead we recommend that you meet for coffee or tea. Everyone has a half an hour that they can schedule to have a short meeting. Successful people usually are too busy for the hour and a half lunch and will appreciate the efficient meeting anyway. Additionally, no one will be talking with their mouth full, and there’s no $40-50 bill to pay.

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