It Takes A Team To Succeed

Great teams don’t come together to succeed by accident. They are a result of careful planning and excellent coaching. The finest coaches realize that every member of the team is important to its success. Each has his or her individual strengths and weaknesses and each has a very different mental and emotional makeup.


The great coach doesn’t try to force every player into the same mold, or even treat each of them identically. The legendary coaches treat each player as an individual and always keep in mind the most effective way each player can contribute to the success of the team. Coach Will, a book by Todd Gehrke, is a story about a successful football coach who uses his coaching skills to create a dynamic mortgage team.


Coach Will’s team emphasizes each member’s strengths and doesn’t expect each of them to be great at everything. That is the purpose of a team, combining strengths so that no one feels responsible for being excellent in all areas. The preparation for each position is different as are the expectations. Cooperation among the members is more important than each competing to outshine the others on the team. By constant communication and collaboration the team works seamlessly, all to create the best relationships and service possible for all of their customers.


When each team member is aware of the big picture and all share a common vision for where the company is headed and what its long-term goals are, then even the most insignificant daily activities takes on a larger purpose. The Coach must constantly inspire the team members to keep that big picture in mind and see everything they do as being an integral part of achieving the ultimate goal. By this shared vision team members gain self-respect in recognizing the importance of what they do and will look for ways to constantly improve their execution. When they give feedback to other members it is not to make them look bad, but rather in a genuine desire to help them get stronger and be able to make a more valuable contribution to the team.


There is tremendous joy and satisfaction in being a contributing member to a successful team. Individual achievements are never quite as satisfying as the shared accomplishments of a team. Coach Will’s philosophy of team building can help any team, company, or even family become much happier and more successful.


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