“Everyone’s life is scripted, if you aren’t writing your life’s script, you are letting anyone else.”

CoachWillBookThis is a much bigger topic than just something as simple as a list of scripts for success in business.  It is life.  It is living with purpose and direction.  (see OWN your Day post http://toddgehrke.com/own-your-day-to-live-an-outcome-based-life-sales-success-lessons/).


In 2013 I decided to intentionally solicit business from listing agents during and after a transaction.  If you think about it, they are a perfect WARM prospect.  They have to be in contact with you, you are between them and their income.  The will witness everything that you do in your business and how you handle a transaction, as they are a part of it.  What better time to show them the greatness of your systems and invite them to join your success! I have written down my action plan to court new referral sources, after doing so, I thought I would offer them to you (They are free on the front page www.toddgehrke.com) How is it working so far?  I have multiple new referral sources, can attribute over $1M in production so far to loans from listing agents I did not know before 2013 and have closed two loans for the actual listing agents themselves on their own personal properties.  That’s not bad!!

Here is the timeline of what is included. Download them, make them your own, above all else, make a plan and run with it!

Description Action Timing
1. Introduce Yourself  Call 0 days from plan starting date
2. Congratulations on your Contract  Email 0 days from plan starting date
3. The Team  Email 1 day after #2
4. SWBC  Email 3 days after #3
5. A Gift  Email 4 days after #4
6. LSU Listing Agent 1  Call 10 days from plan starting date
7. Gut Check 1  Email 14 days from plan starting date
8. LSU Listing Agent 2  Call 20 days from plan starting date
9. Gut check 2  Email 30 days from plan starting date
10. LSU Listing Agent 3  Call 30 days from plan starting date
11. Gut Check 3  Email 60 days from plan starting date
12. Gut Check 4  Email 15 days after #9
13. Cause Marketing  Email 45 days after #9
14. Closing Day Video  Email At closing



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