Desire For Perfection Is What Keeps Many People From Sales Success

Are you one of those people who finds that sales success eludes you? Perhaps it is because you spend too much of your time trying to be perfect. Many people obsess so much over each flyer, each form and each piece of paper they submit that they have no time left for doing the really important aspects of selling, such as communicating directly with prospects. Another sales killer is spending so much time preparing for each and every phone call, going over every possible scenario in your head that you end up not making the call at all, or only making a few calls instead of hundreds. This desire to ensure that everything you do is perfect has possibly derailed more people’s careers than any other reason.


Does this mean you shouldn’t have professional materials and plan your sales calls in advance? Of course not. There is a fine balance between putting together quality materials and delaying the process indefinitely by striving for absolute perfection.  As coach Will points out, those who follow the Nike slogan, “just do it!” are usually much more successful than those who procrastinate from taking effective action by trying to be perfect in every detail.


Actually, making mistakes is not only necessary in order to grow and learn, but making mistakes and handling them in a humorous and comfortable manner is actually a way of become closer to your potential clients. When looking to do business with anyone in any field there needs to be a level of professionalism so you have credibility. However, the potential client is also looking for a relationship with a human being, someone with whom they can relate and feel comfortable. No one likes to be around someone who feels like they are above making a mistake. Thus, in trying to project an image of having it all together and knowing everything about everything you could actually be turning off potential clients who will see you as a phony. When you are willing to admit that you don’t know an answer to a question but are honest and eager to research and find the answer for them, you gain a degree of trust that you can’t gain by being boastful or pretending you know all the answers.


Growth is always dependent upon making mistakes, being vulnerable enough to try new things, and constantly learning from your mistakes so you get consistently better at any endeavor your choose. In the sales world those who take action and “just do it!” without hesitating to ensure that everything is aligned perfectly before starting are the ones who meet the most potential clients, create relationships of honesty and trust, and generate the most money compared to those salespeople who feel they need everything to be 100% perfect before they even attempt to make a sale.

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