Client Meetings for Sales Success- Building Relationships and Addressing Needs

Part of building your business involves meeting with your clients. When it comes to the Mortgage business, referrals are a huge aspect to expanding your business. In order to both retain old client relationships and encourage referrals, effectively managing new client relationships is key.

Conversation Strategies for Sales Success

In order to maximize your efficiency as well as create intentional interactions, it’s helpful to have specific strategies to direct your conversation.

– Get the necessary information ahead of time. Create a checklist of materials necessary for them to bring to a meeting. It supports an image of professionalism and makes sure your new clients feel like you can take care of their needs.


– Start by addressing how your potential client found you – it could be a business connection, a neighbor, or even a blind referral.  Be prepared by knowing exactly how they were referred to you. By mentioning the connection, you can make sure to both support the business/relationships of the person who referred them to you and help them feel confident in their decision to work with them.


– Ask questions about their families or hobbies. Put them at ease by discussing things that they care about – it will help you get a better idea of what is important to them and what sort of products they may need from your business.


– Ask them what they need directly. Addressing their expectations and inquiring about what they’re looking for will make the conversation much more productive. If you have an idea of your new client’s expectations, it’s that much easier to be able to exceed them!




This easy strategy is outlined by Todd Gehrke, Uncommon Sales Success Expert, in his book, Coach Will- A Story of Achieving Uncommon Sales Success. He uses “FAN” as an acronym for Family, Activities, and Needs.  By structuring your new client conversations according to this methodology, you’ll be able to quickly and efficiently build a relationship and understand their needs. Using FAN it makes it easy to start a conversation that will be memorable for both parties.


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