Todd Gehrke Tells a Story of how to turn around a bad day

Todd Gehrke, Author of Coach Will, tells a story of two brothers driving through the rural Midwest when the driver realizes he missed a turn and they were several miles off course. He was very upset and began yelling and cursing himself for making such a mistake. His brother turns to him and simply says […]

Putting myself out there

I never really knew what it meant to “put yourself out there” before.  I have had a pretty good lesson in it recently. It has not been a fun experience I must admit, and the reason it has happened has been a result of significant unpleasantness.  But the result will be a good thing. Here’s […]

My Perfect Day

I was trying to find this during a meeting I was in to share it with a small group on my phone but couldn’t.  After I found it I emailed it to them. Then I thought I would share this in a post here.  I mentioned in the meeting I was in that I have had […]