Todd Gehrke provides mortgage financing for Colorado residents.  Todd moved to Colorado from northern Wisconsin and has been working in the mortgage industry since 2002 and resides in Greenwood Village with his wife and two daughters.  His claim to fame as a mortgage professional is his accurate prediction of interest rates dropping to the 4% range in 2005, when rates were between 6-7% in his book, The Borrower’s Bible. He has been voted one of Denver’s Top Mortgage Professionals by 5280 Magazine every year since 2009.

Todd works with home owners who want to acquire wealth through efficient mortgage management.  He has created a series of tools that help a borrower quickly determine the least expensive loan product based on their specific needs and illustrates the results in a simple side by side comparison.

Todd wasn’t well advised when he purchased his first home and it cost him thousands of dollars.  The mistakes he made are the same ones most borrowers make.  By being able to take a complicated process and make it simple he helps others get to a better financial position in life. Everyone has strengths and weaknesses.  As a former school teacher and current public speaker, Todd is very good at explaining things in a way people understand.  He has a passion to help others and enjoys the feeling of fulfillment he gets when he helps people.

Through live training, web-based training, and other educational tools, he teaches home owners to acquire wealth through efficient mortgage management, how to time the market (and why that is important) and financial arbitrage. Todd stays current to market trends and uses the newest and most cutting edge tools to help convey his message in a simple, easy to understand format.

He currently manages over $200 Million worth of mortgages in Colorado since 2002.  He has created a mortgage management website (www.pipelinemgmt.com) that documents each borrower’s loan balance and rate and actively tracks when his clients can save money.  His primary client is focused on making the best decisions possible with the money they have and are seeking advice from a professional to help them understand the big picture and an over-all cost perspective of their finances.

Todd is different from other lenders in 3 key areas:

1. He is a leading expert in creating outcome based strategies for financial and investment goals and payment and equity objectives when it comes to mortgages. He has taken the mortgage process and simplified it better than any other company

2.  He educates homeowners on market trends, national statistics and studies habitual tendencies to prevent miscalculations on a six to seven figure liability

3.  He not only deals with what to do and how to do it, but also deals with the on-going needs that home-owners face through active management and his Rate Reduction Program (R.R.P.) consisting of bi-annual mortgage reviews and technical market analysis to constantly assess the asset and liability columns of his clients .

You will become clear and focused on how your largest personal liability is congruent with your financial goals. You’ll have a greater understanding of your cash flow and equity objectives giving you the cornerstone to a concrete plan to reach your goals by working with Todd and you’ll go to sleep each night with the confidence that your hard earned money’s security and growth potential is maximized, accelerating your time frame to financial independence.